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Uintah County Weed Department Site Map

Home Page

Here you will find information about the Weed Department, the employees and contact information. In order to get to this page, you likely just left the home page.

Programs & Fees

Here you will find information about the Weed Departments weed control programs that may affect Uintah County landowners: Weed Control Fees, Herbicide Cost-Share, Spray Tank Cost-Share, and Zone 5 Herbicide Restrictions

Weed ID

This is one of the most important pages on the site. Here you will find 27 State and 2 County noxious weeds and 9 important invasive weed descriptions and over 200 weed photos.

Weed Control

This page covers the different methods of weed control: Herbicide, mechanical, cultural, and biological.

Rules & Regulations

This page covers Utah's Noxious Weed Act and Uintah County's Rules and Regulations and how they may affect Uintah County landowners.

Timely Topics

This page contains seasonal in formation such as a weed control calendar, calibration tips and techniques, and current articals regarding weed control.


This page contains information and photos regarding past projects the Weed Department has done around the Basin.


Contains information about the Uintah Basin Cooperative Weed Managment Area (UBCWMA). Information may include: Partners, area map, meeting minutes, priorities, Strategic Plan, Annual Operating Plan (AOP).

Weed Board

Contains the names of the Uintah County Weed Board and the areas they serve. Other information may include meeting minutes.


Here you will find information about other agencies or businesses that deal with weed control. You will also find helpful publications, many of which you may download free of charge.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) answers common questions people have asked the Weed Department in the past.

Uintah County Home Page

This link will take you to Uintah County's main page where you will find information about all the other County departments and other useful information.